FWRA Symposium 2018
October 4th thru breakfast on the 7th
FFA Leadership Conference Center, Haines City, FL

30 Years of Wild Times

Please join us for a celebration of thirty years of supporting wildlife rehabilitators by providing educational and networking opportunities. We have a great line-up of exciting classes taught by experienced and dedicated veterinarians and wildlife rehabilitators, but we plan to have a lot of fun too! Wednesday night there’s a get together with light snacks on the porch at 7:00. Thursday night offers you a choice of classes and then time to grab snacks and a drink and get together on the porch at the back of the lodge. We’re encouraging everyone who plays an acoustic instrument to bring it and help provide us with some entertainment. Friday wear your favorite animal t-shirt to dinner. After dinner there’s a membership meeting which you won’t want to miss. It will be a lot of fun and there might be prizes! After the meeting there will be arts and crafts. Saturday is our banquet with an auction and raffle. This year’s banquet has a tropical theme. There will be several photo stations set up so wear your best flowered dress or shirt and come prepared to party!

Thursday, October 4th

  • Welcome – Beth Hirschfeld, DVM, FWRA President
  • Initial Care and Stabilization – Lisa Fosco
  • Medical Management of the Turtle Trauma Patient – La’Toya Latney, DVM
  • Euthanized Animal Management – Kim Rush
  • Updates from the Wildlife Disease Conference and Other Wildlife Disease Topics – Mark Cunningham, DVM
  • The Scoop on Poop - Samantha Little, CVC and Missy Fox, CVT
  • Fecal Labs (limited participation - two opportunities) - Samantha Little, CVC; Missy Fox, CVT; La’Toya Latney, DVM
  • CNS Trauma – Erica Miller, DVM
  • Opossums - Lynn Miller, PhD
  • A Novel Babesia in the Virginia Opossums – Antonia Gardner, DVM
  • FL Turtle ID and Case Studies – Kim Titterington
  • Nutraceuticals – Beth Hirschfeld, DVM
  • Time to Play: Enrichment for Our Wild Ones – Deb Helsel

Friday, October 5th

  • FWC Inspections – TBA
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus – Dan Wolf, DVM
  • Blood= Flowing Through the Vein - interpreting PCV & TP - Samantha Little, CVC; Missy Fox, CVT
  • Visceral Gout in Brown Pelicans – Antonia Gardner, DVM
  • Baby Bird Basics – Veronica Bowers
  • Skunk Rehabilitation – Lisa Fosco
  • Reptile Therapeutics and Medications – La'Toya Latney, DVM
  • USFWS – Carmen Simonton and Resee Collins
  • Enrichment for Songbirds – Veronica Bowers
  • Captive Rearing of Foxes – Lisa Fosco
  • Corvids – Lynn Miller, PhD
  • Social Media as a Teaching Tool – Kim Titterington
  • Release Criteria for Songbirds – Veronica Bowers

Saturday, October 6th

  • FWC’s Critical Incident Disaster Plan (CIDP) and Hurricane Preparedness – Deb Helsel
  • Bird Room Ideas and Innovations – Veronica Bowers
  • Animal Training - Kenny Coogan
  • Exploring the Gut Biome – Implications for Wildlife Rehabilitators – Lynn Miller, PhD
  • Using Your Smart Phone in Wildlife Rehabilitation – Erica Miller, DVM
  • Imping Workshop (two sessions – limited enrollment) - Dianna Flynt and Clare Robinson
  • Toxins in Birds – Beth Lott, CVT
  • Ocular Injuries in Adult Songbirds In Captive Care, A New Concern – Lisa Fosco
  • Putting the FUN in Fundraising – Kenny Coogan
  • Saving Eggs from Dead Turtles – Kim Titterington
  • High Profile Wildlife Forensic Investigations – Hector Cruz-Lopez
  • Release Criteria Revisited – Lisa Fosco
  • Case Presentations and Common Problems in Wildlife – Erica Miller, DVM

Sunday, October 7th

  • Breakfast

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